Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Confessions: Robbie by Ella Frank

Relationships are complex. Love ever-changing. And when it comes to rules of the heart, they were made to be broken…
That’s what Robert Antonio Bianchi was telling himself, anyway. Otherwise, he really had no excuse for what—or who—he’d done.
No excuse, except for his lonely heart, a pitcher of margaritas, four Bitter Bitches, and the apparent need to confess all his weaknesses to the two men he knew would bring him nothing but trouble.
But trouble was nothing new.
Just ask his crazy sisters or any of his friends, and they’d be the first to tell you: If there was a bad decision to be made, Robbie always had a knack for making it.
And thus begins the story of the priest, the princess, and the prick.

Confessions: Robbie, from Ella Frank, such an anticipated Contemporary M/M/M Romance read – will have you hooked right from the dedication!  Starting right where we left off with Robbie in Ella’s Temptation series - A story of three very different personalities, from “…the most stoic bastard Robbie had ever met,” to “French. Gorgeous. Flirtatious.” & “…loud, proud, and fucking fabulous, right down to his matching magenta Oxfords.”  You’ll find a funny “Gays, Girls, and Italians. We could keep the phone companies in business for life.” & sexy mix of love, family, friendship & dedication that extends beyond.  A deliciously unorthodox “complicated, jagged puzzle” of a relationship, with “…an intensity he’d never felt before and, yeah, okay, it’s totally hot.” where there is no going back from hot “…gripping sex” -not that you’d want them to. – Journey to let go & be yourself, revealing all, to take a chance on yourself & others…no regrets. “Regrets only happen when you aren’t brave enough to try something that scares you.”  Emotional & satisfying, yet leaving you ready to learn more about these characters – the ghosts that haunt them, the baggage they carry & all that makes them the men they are.
My natural attraction to assholes makes it impossible not to be instantly addicted to Priest.  Add in his devilish grin, genuine heart & protective nature – yeah, no going back.  I love Robbie, his “perfect blend of sass and sex…” & his family of strong Italian women. Julien honest & intense – always feeling so much.
Thank you Ella for the cameo with “…the best first love a boy could ask for…” 
Looking forward to the second book in the Confessions series, coming May 2018
~Confessions: Julien~
ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
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Monday, March 12, 2018

Possessive by Willow Winters


Some men are born with a black heart and a tainted soul.
I never liked to admit it back then; I thought I could outrun who I am and lie to myself.
But I accept the truth now.

It’s in my blood and in my bones. In every impure thought and desire.
I tried to leave. To do the right thing and walk away from my past.
But then she came back into my life.

Stumbling towards me and looking up at me as if I’m the one she’s been looking for all this time.
As if I could be her savior and take her pain away.
If only she knew.

She turns me into what I hate most about myself.
Selfish, ruthless, possessive.
I tried to be a good man. To be cold and distant and warn her away.

She should have taken the hint and run.
She didn’t…
And now she’s mine.

Possessive by Willow Winters, a contemporary romance that is edgy & emotional, sexy & suspenseful.  Told in first person, from dual perspectives with flashbacks throughout – you’ll find darkness & desire “…she’s the only addiction I’ve ever had and the only one I desire.” in this will they, won’t they forbidden romantic suspense “He makes me hot and cold at the same time.”  A story of first love, “…fall in love with someone who loves you back just a little more.”, finding a home, finding a family to call your own, with the love & security that comes with it.  Only to be struck down by loss- ”…fate chose to take one of the good ones, and leave the ruthless and depraved behind.”, having to cope with guilt, sadness & loss “Forgiving others is easy. It’s forgiving myself that’s hard.”  Coming of age “…on my way to find what I was looking for.” & coming to terms with who you were meant to be with.  Mysterious twists, before it’s all said & done, a war will be brewing & an alliance that won’t be refused…
I love the bond between brothers, “…the feeling of family and acceptance…” & the draw between Daniel & Addison.  Sexy “…he kisses me like he’s dying for the air I breathe.”  Dark “…simultaneously strikes a bit of fear in my heart and heats my blood with lust.”  Emotional “…I don’t care about anything that happened yesterday as long as I get you tomorrow.” 
Carter’s story, Depraved – coming May, 2018 
ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
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Monday, March 5, 2018

White Knight by CD Reiss


Catherine's long-lost love is found.

Catherine Barrington is a rich girl. Chris Cartwright is a poor boy.
He left her to make something of himself. A man she could be proud of. A man she could bring home to her parents. A man she could marry.
On the trading floor he became the man he knew he could be. Now, it’s time to return.
Rich girl.
Poor boy.
She didn’t care about his money, but he didn’t believe her. Soon after he left, all the money was gone.
Her life is hell.
Now he’s back, and he’s different. Pristine. Gorgeous. Rich.
Rich boy.
Poor girl.
Money was never the barrier, until now.

White Knight from CD Reiss is a standalone from the same world as her King of Code & Prince Charming “with its own beginning, middle, and end. You don't need to read anything else to read White Knight.I’m usually a stickler for reading series & companions in order so to speak but can honestly say you truly do not need to read the others to enjoy this story.  That said, read King of Code & Prince Charming when you get a chance – they are too good to miss.
 Told in first person, from dual perspectives, with flashbacks throughout, this is a sweet, sexy “Whenever I feel rose petals, I think of your skin.” & passionate “I’d break walls and set the town on fire for what he made me feel.” sad at times, a regretful coming of age & sorrow filled second chances romantic tale.  A story of small town royalty, first love “What we had, I’ve never felt before or since.”, lost opportunities & discovering purpose & the things that matter most in this life.  “…but I wanted to be wanted more than I wanted happiness.”  Loyalty between family & friends who protect as their own “…that they take care of us, and when folks here agreed, it was a solemn oath.”  The internal struggle of each of these characters & the way they strive to ultimately be “Two people making it work despite all the odds.” understanding that all they went through made it possible for them to “… become what you were meant to be.”
So much emotion, a short read that was just enough – with nothing left “…undone, unsaid, broken.”

“Respect the thorns. Love the rose.”

 “Not even winged monkeys Not even.”
ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Family is Forever (Conversion #6) by S.C. Stephens

Julian Adams would give anything to rewind the last few months. His sister has been forever altered, a man he distrusts is now a permanent part of his family, and the woman of his dreams no longer remembers him. The only thing left for Julian to do is start over.

Nika Adams is finally content with her life. She's forever bound to her soul mate, and helping him with a project that has given him purpose. But just when it seems peace is on the horizon, an unintended consequence of Hunter's work arises, and everyone must pull together to find a way to keep the family safe ... forever.
From S.C. Stephens, the conclusion of her Conversion Trilogy, Family is Forever, gives fans everything you are hoping for, with a little extra bite.  Take your time & enjoy this final installment because - “Just…saying goodbye. A lot happened here, you know?”  S.C. does it one last time, bringing us up to speed with all the players, while introducing new ones.  Told in first person, from dual perspectives, you will follow Julie, Nika & their family into a whole new world of disconnection & intense connection, through the ”…game-changing political alliance between vampires and their sworn enemies.” “…Vampire Justice League.” to the constant goal of protection of the family.
This series ends where it all began, a coming of age story for the paranormal romance lover in all of us “Becoming an adult, whether you were human, vampire or some odd mixture of the two, was no easy task.” With incredible family bonds, intense friendships, eternal love “…desire, the confusion, the hope and uncertainty.”  These characters overcome the challenges that come with being part of a family with secrets to protect & surviving the heartbreak of what fate has torn apart.  Working to right a wrong & facing a fight with an enemy no one saw coming.  Choices are made between “Duty, family…or love?”  Funny “Party dress or not, she was a force to be reckoned with.”, romantic, “…my partner for eternal life.”, & oh so sexy ”…thank God for vampire-soundproofing.”  Emotionally intense, action packed, with a puzzle that needs solving & an ending that won’t disappoint. 
Thank you S.C. for in your own words, a series that was ultimately “…a zest for love and life that was infectious and inspiring.”
“This was it for now. And it was enough.”

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review. 
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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Regret (Twisted Hearts Duet, Book #2) by Max Henry

Four simple rules when you’re a woman in denial:

1. Don’t stalk your father’s best friend online.
2. Don’t talk to him via Messenger.
3. Definitely don’t go to his house.
4. And whatever you do, don’t tell him you’re still in love.

I’ve never been one for doing what I’m told.

Regret, book two of Max Henry’s Twisted Hearts contemporary romance duet ~ like book one, it is loaded with emotion, heartache & angst, “language” & lust filled romance-- it will be over all to soon, you will not be able to put this book down.  Three years later, this story really turns a corner into a coming of age romance for youngish & older-ish alike~ "...a lot about life. About how suck arse it can be, and how against the odds, you can come back chin high and show the world who the f*ck you are."  The reality of how different relationships can be when you know how good you had it once upon a time, shine through. "You can't force love, and you also can't make do with second best."  Regret is always close by as Belle & Zeus consider decisions made seemingly a lifetime ago.  
On a mission to make a fresh start, to secure their own independent futures, the attraction between Belle & Zeus continues to be tangible – "Three years overseas, and the effect that man has on me didn't lessen in the slightest. If anything it's grown worse."  So very sexy –  Thriving in adulthood "I found my passion, and just like Zeus wanted me to, I found myself. My work is everything. Without it I'm a lost girl lusting after things she can't have all over again." & overcoming perceptions of who these two characters should be.  Friendships are reclaimed & tested, only to be found again through new allies.  You will be blown away by family secrets, you won't see coming - seriously surprising!  Wisdom in "You can't change what's been." I learnt that early on. "Only move forward."
I love how these characters evolved from book one to book two, that it was natural & genuine.  I couldn’t get enough of Belle & loved the journey she took finding herself.  And of course Zeus with an "...undying need to protect those he loves." 

I loved this duet of “...a love that never died.”

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Spark by S.L. Scott

One break is all The Crow Brothers need and we’re about to get it.

Johnny Outlaw, rock legend and lead singer of The Resistance, is here to watch us play. But he’s not the only familiar face in the crowd—killer little body, heart-shaped face, and drop-dead gorgeous.

Hannah Nichols sitting at the bar makes it hard to concentrate, sparks already reigniting. The beauty was never a groupie and tonight she’s not here to catch our show. She came to drop a bomb. “You have a son.”

She underestimated me. I’ll prove to my son, and her, that I can be the dad he needs.

What is it about musicians? Why are they so damn sexy?

My heart was Jet Crow’s the moment he opened his sexy mouth and sang that first song. One stolen night with that man would never be enough, but I’m not here to fall into his bed. Again. I’m here to fight for custody of a son he’s never known.

There’s just one problem. Those sparks between us have become flames. If we’re not careful we’re both going to get burned.

 Spark, the first in a new series from one of my favorite authors, S.L. Scott & sweet lord was this worth the wait.  Hitting the ground running, I couldn't put this book down.  Jet is a hard working, up & coming musician & eldest brother to his band mates, The Crow Brothers Band.    Hannah is a young, beautiful girl who's working to overcome a past full of secrets, with struggles & burdens to bare.  Neither of them could have known that their lives would become tangled in such an unusual way, that they'd have so much more in common than one amazing night.

Set in Austin Texas, & told in first person, from dual perspectives, with flashbacks thorough out, this book holds a spectrum of emotion I wasn't expecting from a rock band contemporary romance "...beautiful complicated emotions."  Heartfelt "...loves fiercely...", "Sultry. Sexy." as hell "...the spark that kindled the flame", funny as all get out "Good grief, this kid." & a tear jerking story of survival, overcoming loss & the anguish that comes with it, to learn how to live again & put what is important in life in perspective.  "Time together is more important. ... Love. ...Family. That's most important." With surprising twists & betrayals before it's all said & done, expect an ultimate love story that shines on the beauty of the undying love of a mother - who will always give all.  To ensure a boy is "Loved. Cherished. Affirmed."  "I want his future to be full of hope and full of choices."  Appreciation for a family you are born with "They're happy and the best friends and brothers a guy could ask for, even if disorderly and sometimes embarrassing." & "...who we choose regardless of relation, blood, or bone." Asking the ultimate question...
"There's no being careful when it comes to love. You're either willing to fall in the moment or the opportunity passes you by. What will you do, wildflower?"

Although probably completely politically incorrect, I think Jet just made smoking sexy again.  I loved the bond between brothers, the boundless strength of a woman "Beautiful and brave." & of a boy with a heart big enough for all of them  "I didn't make ramen noodles. Since we're in life together, I can make them tomorrow." 

Who do I need to talk to in order to give this book MORE than 5 stars?

"Dreaming doesn't cost a thing, so I'll keep doing it."
One of my absolute all time favorites!
The Resistance and the Hard to Resist Series - The Crow Brothers Books... holy crap I can't wait to get my hands on more of the stories behind these wonderful characters. 
ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Eulogy (Eagle Elite Book 9) by Rachel Van Dyken


All is lost.
 I don't recognize myself in the mirror anymore.
 My thoughts are filled with hatred and dripping with rage.
 I've lost my soul.
She took it to the depths of Hell with her and haunts me with images of what could have been.
 Sixty lives are mine to take.
 Sixty lives stand in the way of my vengeance.
Sixty lives plus one more.
 When the last drop of blood falls — mine will be spilled.
 Only one person stands in the way.
She doesn't realize I'll kill her too.
I don't own a heart.
And even if I did — I wouldn't fall prey to its lies again.
 I am Chase Abandonato.
Heir to a legacy of betrayal.
 And I will kill them all.
Even if it means pointing the gun at myself.
A life for a life.
 A soul for a soul.
Now I lay me down to sleep… I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
Blood in. No out.


In Eulogy, book 9 of Rachel Van Dyken’s Eagle Elite series, you’ll follow Chase in the aftermath of a loss he can’t quit get a grip on “A Eulogy – she did not deserve.” a betrayal amongst “Royalty.” One he’ll lose himself in before it’s all done.  – Enraged, book 8 is a must read beforehand. All consuming revenge that will end one way.  Luciana is the complete opposite of any woman this Mafia family has ever seen “She wore headbands! I killed people. She had pearls.”   

A story of violence & rage “Nothing helped. Nothing but blood.” lies, betrayal & brokenness, with feral attraction & twists that will have you reeling.  As witty & funny “How dare he go from threatening to kill me to drawing me a freaking bubble bath?”, as it is sexy, violent & disturbing.  Hitting the ground running, told in first person from multiple perspectives, with flash back action, this is a book you won’t be able to put down.  “Beautifully cruel.” twists & turns that will keep you guessing as all the pieces start coming together secrets & surprises revealed!!!  Loyalty, honor & discovering what it really is to love & to be loved “Our love had been a lie. Her betrayal my only truth.”  Everything you’ve come to expect from this series & So. Much. More.  “As the broken…By finally shattering…Became whole.”

I love the way these characters find love in darkness.  The protection & loyalty of these families – men & women alike can’t be underestimated & I simply can’t get enough of it.  SO GOOD!!!
ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.
Amazon US/UK

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