Sunday, June 25, 2017

Like Ashes We Scatter: by Bradon Nave

Bishop Holloway is woken by an unsettling telephone call. Minutes later, tragedy strikes.

​Across town, Alex Ayers is watching a loved one succumb to a horrible illness, helpless to stop it.

​But out of scattered ashes, hope can bloom, and sometimes tragedy can beget a miracle.

​Alex can't bear to tell Bishop about the fateful connection that binds them. She fears his love for her isn't strong enough to survive if he knew. But no secret stays hidden forever, and now Alex might lose the man she loves, and the family she's fought so hard to save.
Like Ashes We Scatter is a New Adult Romance & so much more.  Taking you on an emotional journey through a terrible tragedy in Bishops life - for his happy, carefree, life loving best friend...that turns into a miracle in Alex's & - her brave but broken young warrior.  
Told in third person, from dual perspectives, this is so much more than a romance novel.  This book will have you invested by the first chapter & you won't be able to put it down.  By the time you do, you will have taken an emotional journey through tragedy, love, heartache, healing of body & soul.  It is, a gut wrenching, joyful, tear jerker, full of grief, love & second chances, mixed with sarcastic humor & no BS honesty.  These characters are made so "absolutely inspiring" by author Bradon Nave with everything from self sacrifice, to internal turmoil & the kind of honest banter that you find easily with family & friends.  Full of real life themes that make you think deep & give serious consideration to consider becoming a 
“silent hero…”
A great read, the depth of this story, telling a tale of tragedy & teaching the lesson of how very precious time is, to always appreciate life & live it well every. day.  I ugly cried, laughed & found myself whispering "Oh no" while reading this book.  Grab your tissues & get to reading - you don't want to miss out on this amazing story!
“...we're all as fragile as ash.”  "We're all one incident away from being scattered and forever altered."

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

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