Friday, January 5, 2018

Prince Charming by CD Reiss



Keaton Bridge is exactly the kind of guy a straight-arrow like Cassie doesn’t need.
For one thing, he’s a criminal—and she fights crime for a living. And being criminally handsome isn’t helping her say no, either. Everything about him screams trouble, from his British accent to his mysterious past.
And Cassie doesn’t do trouble.
Keaton’s got his own trouble. He’s trying to go legit, and an FBI agent hanging around is the last thing that will help his credibility. All it took was one night of passion to sear her into his skin. Now he can’t imagine living happily ever after without her.
All they have to do is walk away.
But neither of them ever walks away from danger.


 My Review

Prince Charming is part of CD Reiss’ Silicon Valley series & is a story I’ve been waiting for since I read the first book, Kind of Code.  These books are standalone & although you don’t necessarily have to read them ‘in order’, I do recommend it.  Like King of Code, Prince Charming is so sophisticatedly written – flowing smoothly turning this into a quick read for a finish that happened all too fast. 
Told in first person, from dual perspectives, this story is full of intrigue with Keaton- a genuine international man of mystery - it is smart, “Everything about him is calculated and deliberate.” & funny with its cheeky banter & extraordinarily sexy “I can smell her. Vanilla and gunpowder. My God. She’s made of candy-coated bullets.” romance.  There are twists & turns before secrets are revealed, all the while spinning an unexpectedly hot romance “I come so hard I have to bite back a scream that might scare my grandmother.” full of emotions that are “…complex, real and intense.”  Keaton & Cassie are laser focused, with plans to attain the futures they’ve strived toward for years – goals that neither of them ever thought would or could change.  With wonderfully strong family, friendships & loyalties “There are some things I don’t talk about. Not with my best friend. Not even with those in my family with the same secrets.”  Ultimate struggle between Truth & Reality…who can you trust – at what cost?  “…peel back the danger, the sharp edges, the puzzles…” & enjoy every minute!
 I love the push and pull between Keaton & Cassie as they work through where their loyalties truly lie.  Couldn’t get enough of Keaton’s “…hot sense of protectiveness.”  I feel smarter just from reading it!  “Being around him is like stepping into a world where every part of my body is sending data to my brain.”  Love supporting characters like Cassie’s grandmother & the way they exude the power of strength & perseverance in spite of what the world has dealt “My grandmother conned me into being my best self when I was on the path to becoming someone completely different.”
Looking forward to – White Knight, Catherine & Chris’ story coming this summer.
ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
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