Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Co-Ed by Rachel Van Dyken


Four guys.
Constant moaning.
And a revolving door across the college suite I somehow ended up in because my first name is Shawn.
They don't discriminate. Girls. Guys. Grandmas. Plants (okay maybe not plants) all walks of life stroll in stressed to the brim, and leave so satisfied I'm wondering what sort of talents lie behind that door.
My roommate calls them the pleasure ponies.
But the rest of the college campus?
They just call them the new face of Wingmen Inc. A paid for relationship service that makes big promises.
Breakup? They'll glue you back together again.
Depressed? They have the magic pill.
Lonely? Just spend a few minutes while they rub you down and you'll forget all about it.
And broken hearts? Well, that's their specialty. They'll fix you
For a price…
I swore I wouldn't get involved.
But apparently they like a challenge, and a girl who doesn't put up with their BS is basically like waving a red flag in front of a bull.
They. All. Charged.
But one holds my attention above the rest.
Knox Turner looks like a Viking — and getting pillaged is starting to look more appealing by the day. Though he's hiding something — all of them are. And the closer I get. The more I realize that some things are left better in the past.
You've read reverse harem books before — but you've never read one like this. It's not what you think, or is it? Dive in and find out…
Knox, Leo, Finn, and Slater are waiting, and they aren't patient men.
Welcome to the new face of Wingmen Inc — You're welcome.


 Sexy, funny, angsty, with a twist that will give you goose bumps, Co-Ed by Rachel Van Dyken is another hit you won't see coming.  I mean, you will now, because I'm telling you - but you know what I'm saying.  I was a little skeptical going in, with the whole reverse harem angle, but have to say it worked & I loved it!  Who wouldn't be interested in a group of guys referred to as Pleaser Ponies?  Hello. "Our shit was legendary."

  Told in first person, from dual perspectives, enter Shawn - a girl with a guys name.  Wow, I wonder what that's like... oh wait!  Definite attention grabber for me personally.  This is a book you won't want to put down.  A fast read "...dripping with so much sexual innuendo..." these characters are witty, sexy & fun, making it hard not to fall for all of them.  Taking a serious & important turn, working through heartbreak & loss "...tender and aggressive, dangerous and deep."  A story about fresh starts & "...making a choice to forgive, rather than condemn."  Of hope, love, loyalty & friendship of epic proportions "...people who cared about me for whatever crazy reasons they had, ones who would drop anything to make sure I was okay, safe."  
Such a wonderful read - the kind with a message that resonates. 
 "It was hope."

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
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