Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Broken Dreams by Callie Anderson

Ethan was the boy who climbed into
my bedroom at night.

He's everything I love.
Laced with everything I despise.
He's every happy memory.
And every shattered dream.

He's my everything.
But he broke every part of me.

I'm supposed to hate him.
But I can't.

I don't know how.

My Review

Broken Dreams, a dynamic, fast-paced story of first love and true friendship from the tenderest of ages, under the most difficult of circumstances.   An unusually quick read for me, this complex, friends to lovers/second chances story drew me in and didn’t let go!

Although told in the first person (my personal preference), I was hesitant when I realized this story-line was heavy with flashbacks which to me can be difficult for readers (like me) to follow.  That being said, Callie Anderson makes the transitions from past to present smooth, flowing from one to the other easily.  So much so, I really feel like this story couldn’t be told nearly as well without them…so if you don’t like flashbacks – work through it for this book, you’ll be glad you did!

This story of broken dreams, takes you on a journey through love, tragedy and hope with unexpected twists and turns, as love and hate war against each other in pursuit of the ability to like the lotus flower, “rise from it all and shine bright” toward a happy ending that simply may not be meant to be.  

A little dark at times, very sexy, though with a little less angst than expected, 
overall enjoyed the excellent story telling talent of author Callie Anderson.

ARC provided by Give Me Books for an honest review.

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