Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mistaken Identity by M.C. Jackson

The last time I saw my sister was the day before she vanished from my life. I’ve spent the last five years searching for her, clinging to the hope that one day I will find out what happened to her, but every lead has ended up at a dead end.

Until now.

He took me because he thinks I’m Her.

My instinct is to run. I want to fight my way out of there, but I can’t. This man is my only connection to my sister. I’ll do whatever it takes to uncover the truth. Even if it means falling right into the arms of a psychopath.

My Review

Mistaken Identity is a romantic psychological suspense that had me guessing until the end.  Lena is as straight-laced as they come with her twin sister, Anna, the rebel running away from everything that haunts her, they couldn't be more different sisters if they tried.  Jake is as complicated as he is charming, who knows what he is capable of.  These characters relationships intertwine in such a unique way, making this story line especially original.
Told in first person, from the lead characters' perspectives, via memory flashbacks & current day, this was an excruciatingly slow unraveling of backstory & mystery reveal for me.  The story itself is a good one, but I found myself hanging on every word trying to piece it all together - thinking perhaps I'd missed something, when I found the story lacking progress more than three-quarters of the way through. 

Thank you to MC Jackson for spurring readers on with dialogue like
"I can't stop reading.  I'm so close to the end, and certain I'm about to uncover something big." 
"I know all the answers are in here, waiting for me to find them." 

And they were, all is revealed in the end, & although I was very close to giving up, I'm so glad I stuck with it.  Would I have liked more progression earlier on? Yes.  Was it worth the wait? YES.  There is no question from the start "this isn't a god dammed fairy-tale."  And once the twists & turns begin, you will not be disappointed!

ARC provided by Give Me Books for an honest review.

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